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Online investigation software

CLEAR for child and family services

Increase your community impact with enhanced data

You need fast, up-to-date information to make trusted decisions and efficiently manage casework.
Thomson Reuters CLEAR offers child and family services investigation software with thorough and comprehensive search results within a single platform, allowing agencies to make confident decisions and deliver a positive impact for community health, welfare, and security.

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Safeguard the vulnerable

The currency of data is critical to ensure safety and security for groups that are often unable to help themselves. Trust CLEAR to deliver billions of public and proprietary records, real-time data connection, and historical information to better serve this vulnerable population and prevent harm.

Maintain your program integrity

Your research tools and resources may be limited by jurisdiction and become outdated, meaning data inaccuracies can jeopardize your investigations. Turn to CLEAR to be better informed of critical details that lead to additional connections, more complete profiles, and potential areas for further investigation..

Monitor benefits and payments

You are asked to wear a lot of hats and perform duties to ensure individuals receive needed resources, and sometimes that means things fall to the side. With CLEAR you can increase your effectiveness by verifying identities, validating mailing addresses for payments, and closing cases faster.

CLEAR features

Live cell phone records

Billions of cell phone, landline, TracFone, business, and VoIP records delivered in real-time ensure your phone searches bring back comprehensive results.

License plate recognition

Live access to more than 7 billion license plate detections from Vigilant Solutions® to make data-driven connections to enhance and accelerate your investigations.

Real-time incarceration and arrest gateway

Real-time booking information from more than 2,200 facilities and from the most complete network of 90 million historical arrest records and intake photos.

Source transparency

See where the data came from, when it was supplied, and who supplied it, so you’re confident that you are referencing the most current and comprehensive data.

On-demand, fixed rate batch

Search thousands of subject at once for results that meet both your schedule and budget needs.

Relatives and Associate Analytics

Quickly scan a list of the subject’s associates for inclusion of OFAC lists, World Check, criminal records, bankruptcy, and more. With these potential risks flagged, you can know exactly who your subject has ties to and investigate accordingly.

Want to see CLEAR in action?

See how CLEAR can help you make trusted decisions and efficiently manage your casework

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