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Online investigation software

CLEAR for retail fraud

Improve your e-commerce validation process with quick identification of fraudulent activity

Identify fraudulent activity quickly

Thomson Reuters CLEAR e-commerce technology brings together vast public records, sophisticated analytics, and transparent data into a single working environment. It gives you insights to easily understand and resolve fraudulent transactions. Save money by avoiding fraud, reducing charge-backs, and minimizing false positives.

Get reliable data from a single platform

CLEAR provides live access to the top 3 credit agencies in the US, real-time incarceration and arrest records, the vehicle history report gateway, and more. All sources are transparent with easy access to scope and update frequencies. 

Save time on investigative research

Leverage an intuitive user experience that allows you to identify risk quickly. It provides the most relevant information first and highlights risk factors instead of having you dig for it. Customize many factors of the tool to make it fit within your current investigative process. 

Identify connections faster

For your deeper investigation and fraud teams, connection tools such as Associate Analytics, Negative News, and Web Analytics assist in uncovering hidden risks and identifying hard-to-find associations and relationships not visible in standard public records. 

CLEAR Features

Live cell phone features

Receive comprehensive phone search results by leveraging billions of cell phone, landline, TracFone, business and VOIP records delivered in real time.

Identity verification

Use CLEAR ID Confirm to verify identity information and minimize potential fraud. Easily identify address or name discrepancies.

Source transparency

Be confident that you are referencing the most current and comprehensive data by seeing where the data came from and when it was supplied.

Access options

Make CLEAR fit your workflow by utilizing the platform tool that suits your needs best. Choose API, online, or batch access.

Customizable preferences

Customize your reports, dashboards, and workspace to find and view the results that matter most to you.

Want to see CLEAR in action?

Experience CLEAR e-commerce capabilities first-hand by requesting a free demo

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