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CLEAR enhancements

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New enhanced features

Marijuana related business

This content encompasses all entities that have Marijuana Related Business (MRB) connections in jurisdictions with marijuana licensing. Review related parties for other people and businesses that might be tied to a MRB, as well as receive alerts if anything changes.

Criminal records normalization

This content has been enhanced to normalize names of jurisdiction – specific criminal charges into a general category. This enhancement enables better understanding of what is meant by the criminal charge in a jurisdiction.

Motor vehicle service & warranty VIN sorting

Access 164 Million vehicle records, sorted by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This information includes name and address of individuals associated with the vehicle, as well as year, make and model.

Quick analysis flags

Additional flags are now triggered when a subject has an associate or relative with particular records tied to them. These include a Marijuana Related Business (MRB), OFAC, Global Sanction, or PEP listing; a prison address on record; and address discrepancies.

Equifax credit header

CLEAR now has coverage for content from all three credit bureaus. The Equifax credit header content set includes over 352 million records, such as: name, last known address, SSN, month of birth, and more.

Updated search capabilities

News searching

The ability to filter news searches to only US newspapers and remove duplicate news documents are available for all news searches. Search by names within a single search box that can be used without entering first or last name.

Query validation

The query validation that has been added to CLEAR will now provide error messages that offer greater context around issues with the query itself. This allows you to focus on what needs to be fixed with your query to return relevant results.

Person radius search

Additional mapping functionality has been added to the Map Analytics module. Now you can add a person result to the map to see the most recent individuals who have been residing at a particular address.

Source document links

CLEAR now offers the ability to access underlying source documents for alerts, AKA names, and Date of Birth results.

Experian business credit report search

Now you can search for business credit reports in CLEAR with an input exceeding 40 characters and not receive an error message.

Questions about CLEAR enhancements?

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