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Clear - Online investigation software

Recent updates

Learn about the latest updates to features and capabilities of CLEAR


CLEAR ID Confirm International

Thomson Reuters® CLEAR ID Confirm International provides expanded identification verification for international and non-US subjects. Confirm identities within 31 countries, with scoring and key risk factors highlighted. Run a search for one or two sources to compare the data the subject provided and verify if their country has the same information.


CLEAR Adverse Media

Safeguard your organization’s reputation, time, and resources by utilizing a distinct adverse media screening policy for fraud prevention. Thomson Reuters® CLEAR Adverse Media offers a one-stop platform to investigate web and news media pertaining to a specific subject while providing a relevancy rating so your organization can be aware of potential risk as it develops.

New enhanced features

Vital Statistic display

The Vital Statistic display has been updated to make results more readable and easier to navigate. Headings now separate the data and ‘Show More’ links have been added where appropriate. The Source and Confirmed information have been combined to form a single field.

CLEAR for Skip Tracing System-to-System

CLEAR Skip Tracing is now available in an API format.

Relatives & associates

The categories for how people are connected have expanded. Connections are no longer based solely on a shared address but are now based on a variety of reasons such as a shared phone number or vehicle. DOB and Strength of Association, based on the amount and type of connected, are now included in the search results.

Favorites search bar

The favorites search bar includes six pre-selected searches that are utilized the most. However, these time-saving searches can be customized to match your workflow. Other search types are accessible within the more tab, located on the bottom.

Updated search capabilities

Bank Account Header Records

More than 550 million non-financial records are now accessible in CLEAR. This improved coverage of individuals with no credit history will help you located these hard to find individuals during your investigation.

Quick Analysis Flag

Quick analysis flags have been updated for easier review and analysis. Yes and No indicators have been brought closer to the flag being analyzed.

Person Report Cleanup

Enjoy shorter reports headers, cleaner indication between sections and records, and an overall cleaner experience by removing the fields that did not return results.

Updated results per page

The number of results shown per page is now adjustable. Results may be viewed in quantities that are small and easily digestible or large and comprehensive. Display options are 20, 50, or 100 results per page.

Questions about CLEAR enhancements?

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