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Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions

Recent Enhancements

Learn about the latest updates to features and capabilities of CLEAR

New Solutions

Risk Detection and Investigation

CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership 

Quickly understand the ownership and control of international corporate entities with up to 10 degrees of separation. Access international business data, business owner names, percentage of shares owned, titles, relationships, and more with this integrated add-on. 

Risk Detection and Monitoring

CLEAR Adverse Media with Sanctions

Quickly see the entire picture of an individual or business and any risk they pose to your organization or agency. Search across different or selected sanctions lists, broken down by country, allows your organization to save time and customize the searches to your exact needs, ensuring data accuracy and cutting down on false positives. Lists include sanctions, PEPs, and SOE and are searched in parallel with the existing adverse media content. Along with individual search options, you are immediately alerted if anyone on your monitoring list is added to a sanction list. 

Enhancements to CLEAR

Entity ID

Every person and their information within CLEAR is now assigned a unique identifier number you can search by and confirm your subject is indeed the one you are looking for.

Additional DMV Coverage

CLEAR’s vehicle registration coverage now includes CT, AZ, MD, NC, and GA. The data can include registered owner names, addresses, vehicle make/model/color, license plate numbers, and more.

Experian Address First Reported Date

In CLEAR, Experian records have always shown the last reported date. Now, the first reported date has been added along with the last reported date to display a date range for an address.

Business Contact Records

Access critical data elements with this expanded coverage of employment, email and phone records, mainly derived from business card scans and company website extractions.

Questions about CLEAR enhancements?

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