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Client spotlight

Ecuadorian Law Firm Tobar ZVS Accelerates Digital Transformation with HighQ

In order to drive digital transformation across its business, Ecuadorian Law Firm Tobar ZVS has adopted leading legal and practice management solution Thomson Reuters® HighQ

Founded in 1993, Tobar ZVS is recognized as one of the preferred choices for corporate clients with an international presence, local clients, and entrepreneurs. With significant expertise in areas such as corporate, M&A, antitrust and competition, natural resources, energy and infrastructure, and tax and finance, the firm’s client-centric philosophy is based on teamwork, deep understanding of its client’s business, and the use of technology alongside specialized professionals within industry-focused units.

Tobar ZVS has adopted HighQ—the connected, automated workplace collaboration solution that facilitates and streamlines project, litigation, transaction, portfolio, compliance and contract management all in one place—to drive the firm’s technological capabilities to a new level through greater productivity and efficiency. The firm is taking advantage of  HighQ’s intuitive, easy-to-use platform and highly customizable features in configuring the system and combining its various functionalities in a unique way that embeds the firm’s expertise and responsiveness ethos and leverages best-in-class AI and automation technology across its processes. The result will be clients of the firm experiencing seamless team collaboration, agile delivery, and value-driven service, with complete transparency and security. 

In addition, the firm has also deployed ProLaw from Thomson Reuters, enabling seamless integration between the back-office functionality of ProLaw the front-office capabilities of HighQ. This will provide the technological foundation for its business model, which is moving away from the traditional billable hour toward a focus on value creation. The deployment of the Thomson Reuters solutions will ensure that this model is now embedded in the firm’s legal project management, workflow, and document automation tools, and underpinned by technology-driven service delivery. 

Moving legal processes forward with Thomson Reuters HighQ

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