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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, PeopleMap is available as an add-on to Westlaw Edge. Note, not all customers qualify for this product. Please call 1-800-WESTLAW for more detail. 

  • Yes, PeopleMap is available as a stand-alone product on Westlaw (but not on Westlaw Edge). For the best customer experience, we recommend customers using both Westlaw and PeopleMap. Note, not all customers qualify for this product. Please call 1-800-WESTLAW for more detail. 

  • CURRENCY - PeopleMap on Westlaw features more live-feed data connections to vendors (i.e. live gateways) than the competition. Why is that important? Currency matters because data is constantly changing.

    ACCURACY - Customers tell us that PeopleMap finds accurate results that competitors do not, more often than the reverse. What does that do for you? Data quality helps you make a positive impact.

    TRANSPARENCY - PeopleMap more frequently provides the data source so users know where the information is coming from. Why does that matter? Transparency provides trust.

    EASE OF USE - Fully integrated into Westlaw, offers an interactive graphical interface, and has customizable reports. Should you care? Yes, if you want to get your job done quickly and confidently.

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