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Practical Law for bankruptcy attorneys

Access timely, relevant information curated by experienced attorney-editors

You have high standards for yourself. You keep up on developments in bankruptcy case law, and you aim to serve your clients well. You expect your practice to grow. Elevate your practice by partnering with the world-class resources of Thomson Reuters Practical Law.

Meticulous service
Experienced attorney-editors collaborate closely with bankruptcy practitioners to provide:

  • Continuous updates on regulations and developments
  • A broad spectrum of topics, issues, and jurisdictions
  • 24x7 support that allows you to work how, when, and where you work best
  • Emails alerting to any breaking news

Targeted information
Practical Law provides you with comprehensive and highly-organized resources, allowing you to:

  • Streamline research with drill-down link functionality
  • Find pertinent materials with less effort with clustered news summaries, in-depth articles, and underlying case law
  • Review germane issues like DIP financing, substantive consolidation, and fraudulent conveyance

Streamlined drafting
Powerful negotiation and drafting tools allow you to create accurate, concise documents, helping bring new associates promptly up to speed.

Practical Law makes work more efficient, making you more confident in less time.

Authoritative guidance
Customizable checklists help you present realistic expectations to the client and, when modified for specific transactions like Chapter 11, ensure that nothing gets missed.

Expand your bankruptcy practice

Create pitches

Customize Practical Law’s downloadable PowerPoint® templates to engage prospects or train current clients.

Expand knowledge

Track decisions by circuit, retail bankruptcy filings, and committee professional retentions.

Establish authority

Build your reputation as a trusted advisor with your current clients. Use Practical Law’s frequent updates to stay at the forefront of your clients’ concerns.

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