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Legal know-how

Practical Law for corporate law departments

Thomson Reuters Practical Law gives corporate law departments a better starting point

Streamline and strengthen your corporate law department

Our expert resources offer corporate law departments a better place to start – no matter what you're working on. Practical Law materials can help you:

  • Enhance productivity: supported by over 230 experienced attorney-editors, Practical Law gives you the foundation to address legal issues faster
  • Achieve efficiency: leveraging our know-how helps you save costs and time by increasing your expertise so you can share that with others in your legal department
  • Improve response time: with a head start from Practical Law, you can create better first drafts quickly and respond to queries in minutes instead of hours

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See what Practical Law can do

See what Practical Law can do

See what Practical Law can do

Practical Law editorial team.

Our quality starts with our people

The Practical Law Editorial Team has practiced at the world's leading law firms and in-house departments. Now their job is to make you better at yours.

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