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Stay current on corporate mergers and acquisitions with Thomson Reuters Practical Law

Reduce your risk, augment your knowledge, increase your efficiency, and serve clients confidently with Thomson Reuters Practical Law

The complexity of an M&A practice requires you to have deep, broad, and up-to-date knowledge across many subject areas, such as finance, tax, and business law. You must be well-versed across jurisdictions, too. And with unnecessary delays and the potential of losing a client if a matter is incorrectly addressed, much is at risk. Reduce your risk, augment your knowledge, increase your efficiency, and serve clients confidently by relying upon Practical Law.

Do your best corporate M&A work every time

Supporting you in doing your best work is Practical Law’s team of U.S.-based, licensed attorney-editors. Averaging 12 to 14 years’ experience in Corporate M&A, many of these attorneys have served as corporate in-house counsel or have come from Am Law 200 firms. As a group, they ensure that all Practical Law resources are relevant and current.

They then curate those resources and package them in a format that is useful to you, such as national and state-specific:

Checklists to help ensure you don’t miss a step in any process, simple or complex, from corporate maintenance to acquiring a business

Model forms including stock purchase, merger, and asset purchase agreements; LLC and stockholders agreements; and organizational documents

Practice notes and legal updates on general corporate and M&A topics, such as public and private mergers and stock and asset acquisitions, as well as the latest breaking news on M&A caselaw and other market developments

Toolkits on a variety of important topics, such as joint ventures, private equity, and tax considerations in M&A

What’s market offers three databases that keep you on top of trends in Corporate M&A deal precedents, including private acquisition agreements, public merger agreements, and spin-offs. What’s Market provides comparative summaries, analysis, custom reports, and links to M&A precedent agreements and disclosures. A separate database, What's Market Practice Analysis, also keeps M&A practitioners up to date on market trends and industry-specific deal terms.

Expand your M&A practice

Deepen relationships

Craft presentations for your clients on issues important to them, increasing your value as their trusted advisor.

Increase prospects

Conduct seminars on emerging M&A issues for potential clients, showcasing your knowledge.

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