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Let Thomson Reuters Practical Law support you in this challenging field so you can work efficiently, effectively, and confidently

Navigating IRS regulations and new legislation. Keeping employee benefit plans in compliance with the law. Crafting attractive executive compensation packages that reflect market trends. These activities are all in a day’s work for you. Yours is a complex legal world, requiring up-to-the-minute expertise in many technical topics. Let Practical Law support you in this challenging field so you can work efficiently, effectively, and confidently.

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Practical Law is supported by a team of U.S.-based, licensed senior attorney-editors who average more than 10 years of experience in employee benefits and executive compensation, mostly in Am Law 200 firms. These attorney-editors dedicate around one-third of their time to staying on top of the latest developments in law and market practice.

Practical Law provides you with convenient access to streamlined resources written by these experienced attorney-editors. Our materials help you to work quickly, saving research and drafting time. We offer:

How-to guides - Find practical information on a variety of important topics, such as applying Section 409A to severance benefits, calculating excess parachute payments under Section 280G, and complying with the Affordable Care Act

Standard documents and clauses - Access standard documents, including clawback policies, model employee notices, annual cash bonus plans, COBRA notices, and clauses covering plan and summary plan description provisions and board resolutions

Checklists and timelines - Stay on-task with checklists such as a year-end executive compensation to-do list, hw to terminate a defined benefit plan, and content requirements for summaries of benefits and coverage

Toolkits - Get everything you need in one place with toolkits covering a broad range of topics such as executive employment agreements, ERISA litigation, correcting qualified plan errors, and group health plans

Comprehensive databases (What’s Market) - Search and compare detailed analyses to spot trends in executive employment agreement and equity plan provisions

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Craft presentations for your current clients on pertinent issues, increasing your value as their trusted advisor.

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Speak at conferences or present to prospects on emerging issues, raising your profile as a subject-matter expert.

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