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Practical Law for labor and employment law

Stay up-to-date on the ever-changing nature of labor and employment law with Thomson Reuters Practical Law

It can be difficult to keep up with the constant changes in labor and employment law. Added to that challenge are routine tasks like drawing up Independent Contractor Agreements or advising clients on the FMLA. All of this takes time, often time away from more profitable work.

Let Practical Law help you meet that challenge by being your source of current L&E information, so you can do your best work in less time, each and every time.

Expand your labor and employment practice

Augment your practice and increase your earning potential by using Practical Law to:

  • Generate – Cultivate new prospects and educate current clients by using efficient PowerPoint® presentation templates. Download, customize and update forms to speed notifications and filings.
  • Enhance – Increase expertise on common topics or dive into a new discipline. Access expert overviews, analysis and source documents to break new ground and increase opportunity.
  • Increase – Deepen your firm’s reputation as the go-to labor and employment counsel by using Practical Law updates to educate your clients.

Leverage essential labor and employment law resources


Don’t miss a step in a complex process such as termination, wage and hour investigations, background checks, leave management, collective bargaining, or business immigration compliance.

Documents and clauses

Access a broad collection of handbook policies, independent contractor/consulting agreements, noncompete agreements, and separation agreements, all with guidance on state-specific issues.

Practice notes

Cover the spectrum of labor and employment issues, including discrimination, wage and hour, employment litigation, state-specific nuances, leave law, traditional labor, and immigration.

State Q&As

Better understand important distinctions within and between state employment law requirements.

What's Market

Rely on a collection of searchable and sortable synopses of executive employment and collective bargaining agreements. What’s Market provides comparative summaries, analysis, and custom reports.

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