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Strategic Insights

Use cases Learn how Strategic Insights can transform the way you make decisions

Finding success has never been easier

Access to the most reliable and robust market and competitive intelligence provides firms with an ability to make the best strategic decisions and achieve successful firm growth, profitably.

Strategic Insights is the secret to…

Firm-wide business planning success

Whether creating a new business plan or reviewing and updating your current plan, access to trusted insights will help ensure every decision you make is not only based on data and independent evidence but focused on achieving the greatest stability and profitability for your firm. Insights are shared at the most granular level possible to enable you to adapt your planning process by your target market – including geography, industry sector, company size and much more.

I need clear and concise data I can trust to inform and validate strategic plans and ensure the firm’s successful growth.
  • Analyze market opportunity
  • Establish current position
  • Identify competitive threats
  • Develop competitive advantage

Client alignment and growth success

Put your firm in a position to identify and target growth opportunities with precision—and faster than competitors. Insights shared will enable you to leverage your firm’s resources more efficiently and effectively by aligning strategic planning decisions with client needs as they shift.

I need to better understand how corporate legal buyer behaviors are changing to strengthen client relationships and build new opportunities.
  • Identify – and win – market opportunities
  • Assess market position; build competitive advantage
  • Enhance the client experience
  • Measure improvements against leaders and peers

Talent strategy success

Examine the needs and motivators of different talent populations to help ensure you can create a culture and workplace that attracts the talent your firm needs, align your strategy and initiatives to current talent expectations, and take the steps needed to engage and retain high-performing talent.

I need access to reliable market intelligence to enhance talent management strategies that enable us to engage, develop and compete for the right talent for my firm.
  • Assess latest trends
  • Analyze and interrogate differences
  • Align strategies
  • Develop competitive advantage

Brand strategy success

Accurately assess the brand landscape of the markets that offer the most opportunity for the future growth of your firm. Insights shared will ensure you can establish your firm’s market position and/or evaluate the position of market leaders both from a financial perspective and clients’ perceptions, as well as providing the ability to identify any brand variance across regions, sectors and other key demographics.

I want to identify opportunities to strengthen client relationships and build brand equity among key target audiences.
  • Assess current position
  • Evaluate the competition
  • Analyze market opportunities
  • Develop competitive advantage

Competitive intelligence success

Pinpoint whitespace in the market where law firms are not delivering on what clients are demanding. Insights shared enable your firm to track the market position and buyer perceptions of competitor firms, identify their weaknesses and be able to upset established market players.

I want easy access to the most robust market intelligence to know how my firm is performing versus our peers and ensure continuous alignment between our strategic plans and clients' future needs.
  • Track competitors and market leaders
  • Analyze and interrogate differences
  • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Develop competitive advantage

Pricing strategy success

The past 10 years has proven that a law firm’s revenue is only as good as its ability to command a rate that is commensurate with the value of its services and market brand.  Insights shared will ensure a high degree of rate integrity across all lawyer classes and experience years. By also drilling into specific cities and practice areas, all against narrowly tailored, customized peer groups, firms can identify areas of opportunity and missed revenue.

I need confidence my firm is operating at an optimum level from a financial perspective.
  • Assess current position
  • Evaluate the competition
  • Analyze market opportunities
  • Develop competitive advantage
Strategic Insights, competitive intelligence not available anywhere else in the market

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