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Legal research

Legal cases
Make sure your research is complete with legal cases on Westlaw

Research with total confidence

The caselaw collection on Westlaw coverage is continually maintained and updated. Our rigorous editorial process ensures every case is checked for accuracy and properly indexed, allowing you to quickly find on-point cases that address your exact point of law. Once you have the documents you need, enjoy an easy reading experience with convenient access to related materials and on-the-fly annotation.

With cases on Westlaw, you can:
  • Gain exclusive online access to the National Reporter System
  • Access U.S. Supreme Court filings, typically in less than one hour from when they are published
  • Rely on KeyCite to instantly verify whether your case is still good law and find citing references to support your argument
  • Quickly review the important issues of an opinion with West headnotes – quick summaries of points of law within a case
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