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Reference Attorneys

For more than 30 years, Westlaw customers have relied on the expertise of our bar-admitted Reference Attorneys to answer their legal research questions. They have deep knowledge in traditional legal research sources. But to help you take your research to the next level, our legal research specialists are uniquely trained on analytics, artificial intelligence, big data and their application to legal research.

Helping you unlock the power of AI search

Regardless of how much research experience you might have, using artificial intelligence tools for legal research will be a new experience. With the power of AI, you’ll be better able to cut through volumes of search results to get to the most helpful answers and materials.

Reference attorneys are here to help you get the most out of this new generation of technology.

Introducing Insight Attorneys

Helping you shape your case strategy with analytics

With a core understanding of analytics and big data, Reference Attorneys can assist you with Litigation Analytics to build a stronger case strategy and better manage client expectations. They can show you how to make more informed decisions and help you:

  • Leverage data to strengthen your case strategy
  • Streamline your litigation research workflow
  • Use data to manage expectations for outcomes, timelines, and cost

Unmatched research insights

From standard research issues to deeper questions about Westlaw Edge functionality, Reference Attorneys will help you:

  • Find the answers you need faster than ever before
  • Get instant research and analysis tips
  • Leverage the full potential of your Westlaw Edge subscription for better results
Contact Reference Attorneys at any stage of your research

Phone: 1-800-REF-ATTY

Reference attorneys are always available to help keep your legal research moving forward. Reach them by phone 24/7/365 at 1-800-REF-ATTY.

Live Chat is also available to all customers from 7:00 a.m. to midnight (CST) Monday through Friday.