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Legal research

Westlaw Edge

The most intelligent legal research service ever

Leave nothing to chance

Now more than ever, your clients rely on you to provide timely and reliable answers. Westlaw Edge is designed to help you complete research tasks in less time without sacrificing accuracy. Built on over 100 years of editorial excellence, Westlaw Edge utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to help you in ways never before possible.

The next generation of legal research is already here. Gain your edge today.

Why Westlaw Edge?


Spend less time conducting legal research without compromising accuracy.


Access the most up-to-date information so you can be confident that you are citing the most current authority.


Advanced AI combined with decades of data and human expertise gives you the context needed to craft the strongest litigation strategy.

Compare Westlaw Edge to Westlaw Classic

Discover the AI-powered tools that set Westlaw Edge apart from Westlaw Classic.

Steven Smelser
Get Westlaw Edge and don't hesitate. It is absolutely worth it. It'll make you a better attorney. It'll make your firm better. And you'll serve your clients better than you have before.

Unrivaled features included with Westlaw Edge

Quick Check

Upload your brief to find highly relevant authority that traditional research may have missed.

Litigation Analytics

Gain data-driven insights on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types.

KeyCite Overruling Risk

The only citator that warns when a point of law in your case has been implicitly undermined.

Customer stories
See how real customers are using Westlaw Edge to make a difference in their legal practice.

Built on a foundation you can trust

Authoritative content

Know your research is complete with access to the most comprehensive collection of legal information

Editorial enhancements

Quickly find on-point law with exclusives including Headnotes, Notes of Decisions, and the Key Number System


Experienced attorney-editors track legal changes every day, so you can trust the law you get is up to date and accurate

Reference attorneys

Bar-admitted Reference Attorneys are available with time-saving guidance at any stage of your legal research

Discover a more efficient way to research

Experience Westlaw Edge today