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Introducing Westlaw Edge

The most intelligent legal research platform ever.

The best in legal research just got better

Thomson Reuters Westlaw is the legal research platform that generations of lawyers and legal teams have depended on to get work done quickly, efficiently, and with confidence. Now, Thomson Reuters introduces Westlaw Edge, the most intelligent legal research platform ever.

Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that’s built upon more than 100 years of attorney-edited annotations, only Westlaw Edge brings together a full suite of AI-powered legal research tools – including the next generation of legal search, integrated litigation analytics, the most powerful citator, and more.

Find the right answer faster with WestSearch Plus

With WestSearch Plus, only available on Westlaw Edge, you’ll have access to better predictive research suggestions that take you to the precise text you need to quickly find the answer to your legal question.

Exclusive AI-enhanced search technology continually runs behind the scenes to root out the most likely typeahead suggestions and instantly surface relevant information – saving you valuable time.

Discover the power of WestSearch Plus:

  • Find the right information faster with AI-backed search technology
  • Quickly see suggested queries with better predictive typeahead
  • Streamline the research process to dig deeper into a matter

Boost case strategy with Litigation Analytics

Find out how a judge ruled on similar cases, determine how likely an opponent is to settle, and better set expectations with your clients on likely cost, timeline, and outcome. Litigation Analytics provides relevant, data-driven insights for these types of questions and more.

With Litigation Analytics, you can leverage the largest collection of insights on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types to build the most effective case strategies as well as optimally manage client expectations.

Customers who have used other litigation analytic tools say Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge covers more case types, provides superior ability to filter results, and offers a seamless research experience.

Discover the power of Litigation Analytics:

  • Build the strongest case strategy
  • Set and manage client expectations
  • Understand your assigned judge
  • Evaluate an opposing counsel’s experience

Cite with confidence using KeyCite Overruling Risk

Being completely confident you're citing good law is a common challenge for many lawyers, and now this confidence is easier to obtain. Only KeyCite Overruling Risk provides a citator warning when a point of law in a case may have been implicitly undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision.

Now lawyers can be even more confident in their research, ultimately having a comprehensive understanding of how the current state of the law may explicitly and implicitly impact their matters.

Learn more about KeyCite Overruling Risk.

See how laws have changed over time with Statutes Compare

When laws change, comparing the new version with the old can be a cumbersome task. Eliminate the need to pore over session laws line by line with Statutes Compare on Westlaw Edge. Now you’ll see the most recent changes to a statute right in the document you’re viewing, allowing you to compare any two versions of a statute through easy-to-see highlighting and strike-through text. In addition, you’ll see the authority from which those changes came.

Learn more about Statutes Compare.

Leverage the most intelligent legal research technology available

The new, advanced features of Westlaw Edge allow legal professionals to practice with a degree of certainty and confidence never before available. By combining artificial intelligence and data with the experience, knowledge, and judgment of modern lawyers, firms and legal departments can take their work to the next level.

Experience the most intelligent legal research platform ever.

The largest collection of data-driven litigation insights. The fastest answers to your legal research questions.