Legal Tracker Integrations Explore Legal Tracker’s trusted, world-class integration and service partners to help your legal department optimize its efficiency

Integration Partners

Integrate Tracker with some of the most used systems, including leading legal hold, contract and document management solutions, finance systems, and more. These build-in integrations streamline processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Limitless Options

Tracker’s robust Application Programming Interface (APIs) means that you can connect with the systems you already use, eliminating duplicate work, inconsistent data, and disjointed workflows. Our team will work with you to set up the custom integrations you need and streamline your legal team’s workflows today, or if your internal IT team has the resources, they can take advantage of the APIs to connect your internal systems to Legal Tracker.

Trusted partners

The Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker consulting partner program brings together a network of third-party service providers for the benefit of Legal Tracker users. Our partners deliver products and services that complement our legal matter management and e-billing software solution and can help you quickly optimize your department’s legal operations.

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