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Success stories

See how Legal Tracker and our professional services team have helped transform corporate legal departments and discover what we can do for you

How clients succeed with Legal Tracker

Watch client testimonials and read case studies to see how Legal Tracker and our professional services team have helped corporate legal departments improve their legal operations.

Proving the Value of the Legal Department

With a new general counsel and her focus on running the legal department like a business, Andeavor Corporation set out to build a legal operations team rooted in best practices. In so doing, they were able to use Legal Tracker to tell their story—to show their value—and prove the legal department wasn't a cost center, but a profit center.


Building a legal operations team

We've increased our reductions by $700,000 in the last two quarters.

Raising the bar with hard data and accountability 

By implementing Legal Tracker and taking full advantage of its reporting capabilities, Columbia Sportswear was able to establish a culture of accountability – improving their relationship with law firms while at the same time being able to demonstrate real cost savings. 


See how Columbia uses Tracker analytics as a major component in setting prices for flat fee arrangements

It makes you wonder how things were done previous to this… I can’t imagine how you evaluated law firms… before you had a tool like this.

Increased savings, collaboration and transparency with Legal Tracker

After multiple attempts to replace its inadequate and under-utilized matter management system, this Fortune 100 technology company selected Legal Tracker.


Getting started with Legal Tracker

The major change in how our department works now in Tracker is that there's increased transparency.

Netflix enhanced the credibility of their legal department with greater insights

Netflix wanted cleaner data and greater insight into their outside counsel management and spend, and they wanted to get it as simply as possible. With Legal Tracker, they were able to come up with a workflow that everybody could understand and didn’t add to the workload of their internal stakeholders or external counsel.

This project was recognised by the wider organization as a huge success and greatly enhanced the credibility of the legal department.


See how John’s Legal Tracker journey brought credibility and great results.

Now we have a single workflow, one process, one route to get timekeeper rates approved and data captured…With very little impact on people’s day to day lives, we get amazing results!

Keeping management informed – and impressed with Legal Tracker

Target Corporation, the second-largest department store retailer in the United States, was finding it virtually impossible for their law operations team to get a clear picture of where their legal spend was going, on what type of work, and for whom.

After transitioning to Legal Tracker, Target was able to get easy access to all of its legal matters and e-billing information, making it possible to budget better, spend smarter, and prove their efficiency and value to the organization.


Life before Legal Tracker

We gained a really good, in-depth, focused view of what the law department was doing, and why.

A Legal Tracker veteran shares her journey

By emphasizing continuous improvement, discover how Melissa uses Legal Tracker to control costs, enhance visibility of the legal department, and develop a sophisticated legal operation within The Hershey Company. Now a “Tracker veteran,” Melissa also reflects on her Legal Tracker journey, career, and what’s next.


See how Melissa’s Legal Tracker journey has made a positive impact at Hershey

Legal Tracker enables us to say where we’re spending our money, how we’re spending our money, and what we’re not willing to spend our money on.