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Corporate legal software and solutions

Practice law confidently

Practice law confidently and provide timely, precise, practical legal advice with law practice software and solutions from Thomson Reuters for both corporate litigation and transactional needs.

Streamline your workflow

Deliver your best work faster with Practical Law Connect, which gives you instant access to legal know-how, Westlaw research, and timesaving tools – all in one place.

Ensure accuracy

Eliminate drafting mistakes with Drafting Assistant – Transactional. Scan your legal documents from your desktop in seconds and flag errors, missing information, and inconsistencies.

Mitigate risk

Reduce risk and protect your company with investigative software, including CLEAR, PeopleMap, Company Investigator, Dockets, and Court Express. With reliable due diligence information, you’ll handle any transactional and corporate issue.

Research with confidence

Our legal products perform independently, but they're all enhanced by Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the world's most advanced legal research system. Enter simple, descriptive terms and Westlaw produces results across all types of content, listing the most relevant documents first.