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Software and services for large and midsize law firms

Leverage integrated solutions to strengthen your firm and grow your practice in an evolving legal industry

Intelligently connect your work and your world

Discover a wealth of integrated content, human expertise, and intelligent technologies to help your team practice with excellence, manage effectively, and grow at every level. 

Monitor Suite

Grow your firm more strategically with legal information, sophisticated functionality, real-time filtering, company data, and vast docket coverage available on an intuitive, highly graphical interface. And it’s all backed by a business development consultant dedicated to your firm.


Peer Monitor

Support your strategic planning needs with competitive legal benchmarking that allows you to compare your firm against chosen peers. Peer Monitor provides the breadth and depth of information to help you make informed decisions.

  • Company Investigator premier business intelligence software
  • Practical Law Connect, a task-based solution that integrates everyday tools
  • Business Law Center, a key resource for business and transactional law research

3E Business Development

Manage and grow your organization

Connect all critical areas of your business to streamline tasks and provide timely and accurate business information. The advanced 3E architecture drives operational efficiency and expands with your firm so you can fearlessly meet today’s business challenges and be ready for future growth.