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Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare
Quickly understand legislative history

Stay informed with Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare

Streamline your legal research with the ability to instantly see the most recent changes to a statute or regulation – and compare any two versions.

  • Save time by eliminating the need to manually compare legislative changes
  • Better understand the intent of changes to the law and whether the language has become more or less restrictive
  • Get coverage for all statutory content and federal regulations with versions, plus state regulations

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Compare with confidence

Manually comparing statutes or regulations can put you at risk of missing something important that may affect your case. With each legislative change, Westlaw attorney-editors create new versions of statutes and regulations so you can trust you’re comparing the most accurate versions available.

Part of putting our clients first is to be as efficient as possible in our research, to keep bills down, and to make sure that we're getting the most comprehensive research. Westlaw Edge allows us to do that.
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