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Quick Check

Intelligent document analysis

Discover a new level of confidence

Powered by state-of-the-art AI, Quick Check on Westlaw Edge securely analyzes your brief to suggest highly relevant authority that traditional research may have missed.

  • Quality check a final draft 
  • Reveal weaknesses in an opponent's document 
  • Refresh a past winning argument

Coming soon: Quick Check Judicial

Quick Check Judicial allows judges, law clerks, and attorneys to upload multiple briefs or memos from a single matter to Quick Check. The resulting report provides insights into the citations relied upon by each party and surfaces highly relevant authority that neither party included in their briefs.

See how Quick Check works

After writing a legal brief, simply and securely upload it to find new authority and related law. In addition to checking your own work, you can also analyze your opponent’s work to identify potential weaknesses in their arguments.

Once you securely upload your brief, Quick Check leverages state-of-the-art AI to examine the text, citations, and structure of your uploaded document to detect the legal issues covered. It then identifies recommendations that are highly relevant to the issues in the input document, but not otherwise cited.

In just minutes, Quick Check delivers an easy-to-review report that delivers relevant recommendations based on the headings in your document.

View the holding most related to the issue for which a recommended case is being provided, so you can verify immediately whether the case is in your favor or not.

Quickly review relevant text to help determine whether the recommendation is helpful or not.

See additional details for why a suggested authority might be important such as frequently cited, from a high court, or decided in the past 2 years.

Use filters, including documents recently viewed or foldered, to help you focus on the recommendations that are most relevant to your research.

Verify quotation accuracy in your work faster than ever and reduce the risk of costly mistakes. Plus, easily spot errors or omissions in your opponent's work and use them to your advantage.

Enabling more efficient research


Hear from Gabe Ramsey about the benefits of Quick Check.

Using Westlaw Edge is a great way to make sure you're providing the best, highest quality, cost-efficient legal services that you can.

Recently recognized

2020 Emerging Legal Technologies

The National Law Journal recognized Westlaw Edge Quick Check as an emerging technology in 2020.

Advantages of intelligent document analysis

Complete your research with confidence

In just minutes, Quick Check reviews your brief to identify your legal issues and show you highly relevant authority that traditional research may have missed.

Leverage intuitive integration

Fully integrated with Westlaw Edge, this tool allows you to quickly verify citations using KeyCite and filter out the legal documents you’ve already viewed or saved to a folder.

Get insight at any stage of the process

Review the quality of a completed legal document, improve an early draft, update a filing from a prior matter, evaluate a colleague’s work product, or jumpstart the reply to a motion.

Reveal weaknesses in your opponent’s work

Analyze whether an opponent has cited an overruled case, and quickly see if the point of law impacts your matter. Also find cases that were relevant to your opponent’s issues that they chose not to cite.

Clients demand that we find efficiencies to bring down the cost of legal services without sacrificing quality and using Westlaw Edge Quick Check is an important way we achieve that.
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