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CLEAR ID Confirm: How to Create a Seamless Digital Account Opening Process Webinar

Opening an account for financial services has changed significantly in recent years. Where in the past it meant going down the street to a local bank, today it means opening an app –and rarely does it involve face to face transactions.  Bank robbers no longer do hold ups by guns and masks – but instead do digital ID theft, account takeover, hacking.

In this environment, how do you avoid fraud and financial crime and still provide a smooth, customer-friendly account opening process? Customers today demand a seamless account opening process. They want immediate onboarding with minimal effort on their end. And competitive pressures mean you must adapt or risk a shrinking customer base.

So how do folks working in the financial services industry deliver seamless customer identification programs without compromising their compliance? The truth of the matter is, they can’t do it without a data vendor. Even so, how do you assess the quality of a data provider?

Access this 30-minute on demand webinar where we will pull back the curtain on CLEAR’s ID Confirm solution and show you exactly how our platform aggregates and analyzes incredible amounts of data and provides quick and easy answers back to you.

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