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It’s time for tech: Today’s drivers for legal tech adoption

Whether being squeezed by ongoing supply chain disruption, finding new ways of working accelerated by the pandemic, or staying in front of sanctions, there is increasing pressure on corporate legal departments to act proactively and do more with less.  

These and other multi-faceted, macroeconomic forces — along with the legal department’s ever-growing responsibilities — make an automated, integrated, and technology-enabled approach critical to protect and advance your business. 

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Trends in legal technology adoption proven to maximize business growth in today’s complex environment. 
  • Top priorities based off peer-driven insights and practical law data around sanctions, COVID-19, and supply chain disruption. 
  • Leveraging Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence to answer critical questions, proactively plan, and respond quickly and confidently no matter the situation.  

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