White paper

2020 Thomson Reuters government fraud,
waste, and abuse report

Do state and local governments have the resources they need to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse?

For government agencies, preventing fraud, waste, and abuse is of paramount importance, because any failure to do so can jeopardize public trust in government institutions and deprive citizens of the services that tax revenue is supposed to support.

To find out how confident state and local government employees are about their own efforts to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, Thomson Reuters surveyed 84 professionals from state and city agencies around the country. The results of the survey have been summarized in a new white paper, “The 2020 Thomson Reuters Government Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Report,” which explores the degree to which government employees believe they have the ability and resources to do their jobs effectively. The report also discusses measures that could be taken to improve fraud-prevention efforts in agencies and departments where resources are perceived as limited or insufficient. 

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