White paper

The business case for AI at your law firm

Did you know? 56% of large law firms surveyed by Thomson Reuters believe AI will become mainstream in the practice of law within the next five years.

AI’s ever-rising profile suggests that its presence (or absence) will soon be noticed by other players in the justice system: judges, corporate clients, government legal entities, or your opposing counsel.

Looking beyond the argument, “everybody’s doing it,” AI promises numerous business benefits for law firms. AI-based legal tools offer firms a deeper understanding of litigation strategy and of their clients. These tools can also boost law practices’ business efficiency by aiding with tasks such as analyzing documents and checking citations.

The use of AI-based legal technology is all but certain to become a baseline of competency in the near future. Attorneys already have the option of using these tools, but convincing your law firm to adopt AI-based tools takes more than peer pressure and fear of missing out. Download this white paper to understand the business case for AI at your law firm.

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