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How to be the partner your clients want How streamlining your law firm’s workflow can improve client service

In the course of a workday, lawyers can find themselves facing any number of time-sensitive tasks. From drafting documents and getting them filed with the court to meeting case deadlines and running the business side of the practice, there is no shortage of tasks that take up their time. In the middle of all of it are the people that matter the most: the clients. With all the demands on their time and the work they are doing on the clients’ behalf, it can be easy for lawyers to neglect the service aspect—however unintentionally.

According to recent Thomson Reuters research, attorneys are aware of the need for client service, but many struggle with how clients define it and the best way to track it. Understanding your clients’ expectations allows you to be much more proactive in the process of meeting and exceeding them. This white paper digs into the concept of law firm efficiency and provides helpful insights for firms pursuing it.

What you will take away is the importance of efficiency, including:

  • Definitive data that shows its value
  • How it helps firms improve client service
  • Steps firms can take right now

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