White paper

Striking the right balance between work and home

Creating a law firm that offers the best of both worlds

Work/life balance is often the first thing to go when demands of the job are on the rise. But expectations are changing rapidly, and more attorneys are expecting firms to provide a healthier balance between work and home. What many law firms are starting to realize is that providing options for a more balanced life is not a question of “if,” but one of “when.”

As this continues to be a primary priority for attorneys entering the workforce, firms can no longer remain inflexible in their approach to providing realistic ways to achieve work/life balance. This white paper uncovers why it’s imperative to address this growing desire and how you can start bringing a more balanced approach to your firm.

What you’ll take away:

  • The symptoms of attorney burnout and ways combat the issue
  • Generational differences and expectations found in law firms
  • Ways to make work/life balance a reality at your firm