10 Things Compliance Officers Need to Consider in 2021

Compliance officers at financial services firms have risen to the myriad challenges of 2020, not only dealing with the pandemic but also continuing to manage pre-existing problems. Risk and compliance officers have been, and must remain, front and center in preparing their firms for all eventualities.

Firms must take the time to assess the failures and successes from invoking their business continuity plans at the start of the pandemic. The crisis has shown that firms are capable of reacting to changed circumstances at speed, and while this is to be commended it is unlikely to change regulators' expectations.

As ever, compliance officers will need to be fully engaged to give their firms the best chance of a trouble-free 2021. No matter the size, jurisdiction or sector of their firm, compliance officers should consider the following in 2021:

  1. Business continuity planning
  2. Data protection 
  3. Regulatory change
  4. People governance and accountability
  5. Compensation and remuneration
  6. Product governance
  7. Shifting skill sets
  8. Compliance resources and budgets
  9. Digital transformation dependent on data governance
  10. Personal accountability

To learn more about these challenges and how they compare with challenges from years past, as well as what they consist of and how to prepare for them, download your copy of this year’s industry renowned "10 Things Compliance Officers Need to Consider in 2021" expert talk, written by Susannah Hammond, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert. 

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