Digital General Counsel Report

Improving productivity and operational efficiency are top priorities for General Counsel (GC) today—and technology is their path to achieving these goals.

Disruption in the legal profession and business at large has presented GCs and legal departments with new challenges. In this report, we bring together recent findings from a series of in-depth interviews conducted with corporate legal department leaders and Thomson Reuters. These findings indicate that efficiency is top of the agenda for many legal departments worldwide.

To achieve this goal, GCs and legal departments are looking to people and processes as they increase the number of legal operations specialists, transform workflow processes, and bolster their knowledge management. Underpinning these initiatives, though, is a sharp focus on the strategic implementation of legal technology.

The vision of a tech-enabled, data-driven legal operation is driving change, but it requires a big-picture strategic plan and thoughtful implementation. To unlock the benefits of digital transformation, our report suggests that GCs should create bespoke plans that advance their organization’s priorities. We present advice from in-house professionals on how they have harnessed technology to optimize their legal departments and look at the big cultural, operational, and technological changes on the horizon.

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