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Practical Law Connect for investigations and termination

Download a packet of subscriber resources from the legal industry’s most trusted how-to service

Conducting internal investigations or preparing for terminations are complex matters that in-house legal professionals must manage cautiously. In both situations, you must balance the interests of your company, employees, and the law while avoiding potential liabilities and reputational risks. When tasked with a challenge like this, you need Practical Law, the most trusted legal know-how provider.

Practical Law provides you with access to over 90,000 expert-authored resources across various practice areas, including labor and employment law. Enhance your knowledge and get more out of your time with outside counsel with a vast library of regularly updated how-to guides, forms, templates, checklists, and more. When you need to get caught up to speed quickly and advise with confidence, Practical Law has you covered with tools and insights to help you get the job done.

In “Practical Law Connect for investigations and termination,” you will find two complete Practical Law resources, the Checklist Conducting an Internal Investigation and the Practice Note Conducting Layoffs and Other Reductions in Force. This packet also includes links to additional Practical Law resources related to investigations and termination.

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