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How AI is changing the game and saving millions 

The importance of contract intelligence in M&A, regulatory compliance, and contract litigation

If a business is fortunate enough, it will have a legal team, a contract management team, or a combination of both. However, not all companies will have in-house legal or contract management resources. And the businesses that do possess such personnel will usually focus those teams on current contract negotiations and organizational risk management, where they can provide the most value.

The reality is that even the most well-staffed businesses will not have the resources needed to address day-to-day operations while also properly managing risk across existing contracts. According to a 2017 Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker LDO Index, corporate legal departments are busier than ever with a rapid increase in work. Most are inundated with current negotiations and ever-changing regulatory demands. Further, because these teams are not revenuegenerating business units, they often do not have the largest budgets within the company

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  • How your team can stay in front of expired contracts
  • How to align contract management/templates/negotiation with the work of prior legal or contract team employees
  • Techniques an already busy team can use to tackle outdated contract templates within thier system

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