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How to develop a legal technology roadmap

Law departments perennially report pressure to take on more work with flat or declining budgets. Those pressures have only increased, with additional demands that in-house lawyers also act more as strategic advisors to the business and transform their operations to better support that business.

The old ways of working are gone: law departments report a quicker pace of change today than ever before. But all lawyers know "faster" does not always mean "better" and change can often be for the worse.

Recent research shows that top-performing legal operations have a strong focus on technology to improve transparency and data analytics, efficiency, quality and consistency of work, and speed of execution. In particular, 72% of CLOC members surveyed reported having a technology roadmap to plan and organize their transformation.

This white paper explains why your department needs a roadmap, how to prioritize your needs to build a roadmap, the risks of not having one, and where to get started.

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