White paper

Combating lawyer turnover rates by creating a successful workplace environment

The scale of the law firm attrition and recruiting challenge is staggering. Some firms are poised to lose 125% of their associate class over the next five years compared to a pandemic benchmark of 50%. The ones that are winning — with lower attrition and stronger financial performance — aren’t just paying employees more. They’re working to create a productive, supportive working environment.

Keeping law firms fully staffed with engaged, talented individuals will require creating a workplace with qualities such as supportive employees, a healthy culture, quality work, opportunities to grow, and flexibility. Firms will also have to continue paying employees what they feel is their worth.

So, how do firms combat high lawyer turnover rates? In this white paper, we provide strategies for elevating your workplace environment and discuss how these strategies can help you respond to emerging employee priorities and positively affect your law firm’s recruiting and retention.

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