White paper

Smarter about contracts

Bringing a system of intelligence to contract lifecycle management

Your legal department needs to handle a lot of contracts. Your team manages projects and expectations, negotiates or helps guide negotiators, and tracks contracts throughout their entire lifecycle.

Most departments have a system for handling this: some level of contract lifecycle management (CLM). But most departments also want to improve their systems, incorporate new best practices, and handle an ever-growing volume of work more efficiently.

Many CLM systems now incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and drive deeper analysis of those contracts. The best ones have AI trained by experienced lawyers on legal data, so they can deliver accurate insights that lawyers can immediately use.

This whitepaper examines the current CLM landscape, highlighting the opportunities for legal departments to improve or optimize their CLM systems and use AI tools to deliver better legal services to the business faster. You will learn the three-stage model of CLM maturity and how to move your department up to the systems of intelligence level.

Download the paper today to get insights that will help your department deliver better contracts faster and use insights from those contracts to drive business value and cement the legal team's role in your business.

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