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Strategic legal sourcing: The key to agility

In-house corporate legal departments are increasingly being tasked with more and different types of legal work, much of which requires levels of legal expertise, technical acumen, and human resources that the company itself cannot handle alone. Mandates to do this work as efficiently and cost effectively as possible have also prompted legal operations managers to consider leveraging more resources outside the company, as well as forms of automation technology that can streamline workflows and provide additional efficiencies in areas of information gathering and data analytics.

In a related whitepaper, Right-sourcing: The Agile Legal Department’s Competitive Advantage, legal operations expert Ethan Patashnik examined the ways legal departments are allocating their resources and balancing insourcing, outsourcing, and techno sourcing.

In this whitepaper, Patashnik discusses the right-sourcing decision framework in more depth and provides a list of question prompts that can help legal operations managers get started on their right-sourcing journey. He also discusses why developing such a framework can be a strong competitive advantage, and why so many corporate legal departments are focusing on “the business of law” to serve their organization’s leadership and improve their bottom line.

The whitepaper also explores the relative merits of insourcing versus outsourcing and provides legal department managers who are interested in developing a more strategic allocation process with a list of questions they should be asking themselves in order to get started.

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