White paper

The recipe for the world’s stickiest clients

Seven ingredients for client satisfaction and how to leverage them in your practice

What is client stickiness?

In short, a sticky client is a client that develops a long-term partnership with a firm due to the excellent customer experience their firm has provided them. The practice of law is a relationship-driven business between you and your client, and it is crucial to properly maintain those relationships. Accomplishing that is becoming ever more nuanced and more competitive in today’s market, as law firms get better at putting the right information into the hands of their clients.

Making clients ‘sticky’ has remained a mysterious alchemy. Every firm believes they possess the unique blend of efficiency, expertise, and service that attracts and retains clients for the long term. But, do you?

How are sticky client relationships created?

New research from the Thomson Reuters Institute suggests that there are seven critical elements for elevating client satisfaction – some you may be aware of, and some may be new, pivotal opportunities for your firm.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The seven elements of client satisfaction and their significance to today’s client
  • How you can implement these elements into your practice today – and keep your clients around for the long haul

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