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Westlaw expert materials

Find and investigate an expert with the world's largest collection of expert profiles on Thomson Reuters Westlaw

Access comprehensive, unbiased expert profiles

Rely on expert materials on Westlaw to select the strongest candidates and acquire deep intelligence about the experts on either side of your case. Expert Materials on Westlaw combines thousands of court-filed resumes, proprietary challenge reports, Daubert Tracker Reports, more than 600,000 testimonial documents, affidavits, cases and jury verdicts.

Designed with the help of legal professionals who understand what you need to thoroughly investigate an expert, you can easily search state and federal court records on Westlaw to review materials, including:

Expert Profiles

Quickly access a growing collection of more than 600,000 expert profiles. Profile references include jury verdict summaries, expert resumes/CVs, and expert testimony documents.

Expert Resumes/Curricula Vitae

Learn more about an expert's credentials and past litigation experience by studying court-filed resumes and curricula vitae.

Expert Testimony

Fully integrated with Westlaw, this powerful tool connects you to the work product of experts in more than 370 areas of expertise, and includes affidavits, reports, depositions, and trial transcripts.

Access integrated expert reports all in one place, including:

Daubert Tracker Reports

Derived from reported and unreported "evidentiary gatekeeping" cases, these reports also offer insight into an expert’s testimonial history including challenge outcomes.

Expert Challenge Reports

Available on judges as well as experts to track legal challenges to an expert's testimony, including challenge outcomes, the expert’s role for plaintiff or defendant, the expert’s areas of expertise, case type information, and more.

Expert Evaluator Reports

These concise, information-packed reports are like an X-ray view of the qualifications and experience of an expert witness. Fully investigate and verify your candidate's litigation background and credentials before you retain an expert. Gain all the information you need to identify, select or impeach expert witnesses.

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